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Our vision is to create a future where man and machine work together in harmony
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Our Vision Is To Create A Future Where Man And Machine Work Together

Our Values

Your success is our purpose and we make exceptional efforts to satisfy you and exceed your expectations.
We want to deeply understand your needs and concerns. You will always feel heard.
Curiosity is the driving force behind new discoveries. It is our competitive edge.
We don't push culture. We are building a community that continuously evolves.

What We're Working On

i-5O is currently helping a medical device manufacturer with their final inspection process. Prior to shipping their products to their customers, this manufacturer needs to verify that all the components included are correct. This process is manual and time consuming.
i-5O has developed a model that can detect all the different types of parts assembled onto the powerchair as well as measure the dimensions of certain parts. This development has allowed the manufacturer to automate the visual inspection process.
Process Tracking Accuracy
Increased Production Capacity
Saved Per Station
Customer Retention


Albert Kao, CEO & Co-Founder

Albert Kao

CEO & Co-Founder
Khizer Hayat, CTO & Co-Founder

Khizer Hayat

CTO & Co-Founder

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Our vision is to create a future where man and machine work together in harmony.
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