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Our vision is to create a future where man and machine work together in harmony.
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Man operating a robotic arm
Client Story

Improve Consistency In Manual Processes

A manufacturer with complex assembly operations, with over 25 process steps per part number, experienced a high degree of variation in cycle time from operator to operator even though they had a Manufacturing Execution System in place that provided each operator with the exact assembly instructions for each part number at each station.
Two people on a manufacturing floor
Client Story

Better Production Planning

A manufacturer with u-shaped assembly cells would plan production based on client demand. As client requests change, they would need to reconfigure their cells and operator schedules.
Employee cutting metal with a circular saw
Client Story

Reduce Rework And Scrap Rates

A manufacturer facing macro economic headwinds realized that they needed to be more efficient in production else they would be put out of business by their competition.
Worker cutting material with a circular saw
Client Story

Optimize Your Labor Costs

A manufacturer in heavy industry with continuous production processes that has invested in automation still rely on human operators to perform equipment setup, maintenance, and changeovers.

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Our vision is to create a future where man and machine work together in harmony.
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