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i-5O adds visibility & traceability into your dynamic operations, addressing challenges such as


High Defect Rate & Rework Costs


Hidden Bottlenecks & Waste


Operational Margins & Profitability


Compliance & Safety Violations

What i-5O Can Do For You


Enhanced Manufacturing Visibility

Delve deep into the heart of your production process, gaining unparalleled insights that illuminate every stage of product creation. Through advanced data integration and visualization...


Real-time Operational Insights

Empower yourself with real-time operational Insights that transcend mere data points, offering you a dynamic snapshot of your manufacturing environment. Instantly access...


Advanced Equipment Monitoring

Elevate your production environment with our advanced equipment monitoring capabilities. Predict and mitigate downtime by closely tracking the health and performance of your machinery.

“i-5O's system allowed us to reduce our planned downtime by 50%. Before using their system for each cleaning we allocated 10 minutes but based on the information we got from i-5O's system, we were able to reduce it to 5 minutes.”

Production Manager
Automotive Tier 1 supplier of exhaust systems

Our solution can be customized to align precisely with your distinct requirements.

Whether you're navigating intricate workflows, industry-specific challenges, or specialized operational nuances, we ensure that our solution seamlessly integrates into your existing processes, enhancing efficiency without disruption.


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Deep learning methods for object detection in smart manufacturing: A survey

Comparison of Prophet with Machine Learning Regression Models for Long and Short-Term Manufacturing Forecasting

What We Obsess Over

Your Success, Our Mission

Our customer loyalty speaks volumes. With a 100% retention rate, we're proud to keep our clients satisfied.

Continuous Improvement

Rooted in continuous improvement, i-5O not only embraces this ethos but also empowers the manufacturing sector.

Safe and Secure Data

At i-5O, we hold your data in the highest regard - a treasure trove of insights that deserves the utmost protection.

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