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Humans X Machines

Our Capabilities

Transcending the confines of a singular focus, we monitor and manage all three critical elements - man, material, and machinery - across the entire expanse of the manufacturing value stream. In essence, you will gain access to comprehensive production floor intelligence based on a holistic approach to enhancing manufacturing efficiency and performance.

One of our most remarkable features is the camera angle agnostic approach. Regardless of the viewing perspective, you will gain access to a consistent and reliable overview of your production activities. Another pivotal innovation is the application of multi-person action recognition, allowing you to discern complex interactions among team members, materials, and machinery.

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, timely insights are paramount. With i-50, real-time analytics take centre stage, empowering decision-makers to react promptly to emerging scenarios, optimise operations, and bolster overall performance. Through holistic tracking you will be able to revolutionise your manufacturing operations with unparalleled transparency, control, and efficiency.

Three Specialized Modules

Improving Quality

i-5O vision can validate your complex manufacturing processes following standard work instructions. For example, using live-streaming video data, our system can detect the precise alignment of panels, secure placement of clips, and accurate fastening of bolts to the vehicle. It catches errors as they occur, eliminating high rework costs. If errors are discovered late in the process, it may require disassembling the product, reworking, or even scrapping the entire unit. This results in wasted materials, labor, and time. Early error detection allows for immediate corrective actions, reducing the need for costly rework and minimizing production waste. This ensures that the product is built correctly from the start and thus gives you higher product quality and profitability.

Boosting Productivity

i-5O vision allows you to have continuous visibility into efficiency and capacity on the production floor. Employing a value stream map, you will gain a comprehensive overview of your operations, enabling real-time identification of areas needing attention. Amplifying this situational awareness is the Productivity Dashboard, providing granular insights into Overall Labor Efficiency, capacity utilization, and average processing time amongst other key metrics. Not only does this data allow for identification of sources of downtime but can also be used to uncover hidden production capacity and determine whether investment in additional capacity is needed, significantly improving production processes and planning. Through continuous monitoring, your engineering teams can quickly respond to production issues that would otherwise go unnoticed till too late, so that they can continuously meet their target cycle times. Alleviating production bottlenecks and delays will allow you to further improve production capacity and efficiency.

Ensuring Safety

i-5O vision can also ensure adherence to safety protocols and regulatory standards by detecting the proper use of PPEs and other actions. Having this AI co-pilot will let you proactively mitigate potential risks and align your operations with established health and safety guidelines. Employing an expansive Safety Dashboard, our system provides you with an enriched perspective into critical safety metrics, encompassing incident rates, adherence to safety protocols, and compliance status. This data isn't just informative; it's transformational. It serves as an early warning system, pinpointing areas of concern and catalyzing the formulation of preventive measures. Real-time insights enable prompt corrective actions, preserving both the well-being of your workforce and the reputation of your organization. Lastly, by uncovering safety gaps and hidden vulnerabilities, our system will allow you to initiate targeted interventions that enhance workplace safety and avert potential hazards.

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