Industrial Machinery

The industrial machinery sector valued at over $500 billion today, is a cornerstone of modern manufacturing, producing equipment that powers a wide range of industries. Whether it's heavy machinery, robotics, or precision tools, maintaining optimal performance and quality is essential. Our AI vision solutions bring a new level of precision and efficiency to the heart of industrial production.

Key Challenges

This industry operates on complex manufacturing processes with an array of components and systems. Balancing intricate designs, precision assembly, and stringent quality control becomes a formidable challenge. Variability in components, assembly errors, and unforeseen defects can lead to downtime, rework, and compromised reliability.

Moreover, for one of our heavy industry clients, manual processes for productivity and OLE metrics were producing false measurements due to small sample sizes. Further, lack of visibility in the shop floor makes it difficult to identify issues and initiate corrective actions.

Overcoming these Challenges

Upholding and delivering superior quality machinery is crucial to the success of all kinds of manufacturing industries. This trickle down impact has made process efficiency and quality control of the production of industrial machinery even more crucial. Our AI vision system continuously monitors and tracks production processes with a 99.8% process tracking accuracy, despite numerous operational variabilities.

Not only does this ensure superior product quality but also allows for optimization of talent management. Process tracking also involves monitoring workforce efficiency - this enables manufacturers to identify and plan their workforce needs accordingly, boost workers' productivity and save labor costs.

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