Research Papers

Deep Learning Transforming the Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study

The traditional manufacturing industry uses decades-old technology and manual processes that are expensive, laborious, redundant, and a slight human error can cost millions of dollars...

Deep learning methods for object detection in smart manufacturing: A survey

Object detection for industrial applications refers to analyzing the captured images and videos and finding the relationship between the detected objects for better optimization...

How to Measure and Improve Labor Productivity

As labor is becoming more costly and simultaneously emerges as a major bottleneck for many manufacturing and service industries, improving labor productivity becomes an obvious priority...

Case Studies

Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility is one of the leading manufacturers for power wheelchairs and other mobility products. i-5O Computer Vision System is used in their manufacturing facility at Duryea, Pennsylvania, where power chairs that are customized by their customers are manufactured. The data generated by i-5O has helped…


The 5 major issues power chair manufacturers are facing & how AI is being used to solve them

Propelled by advancements in technology, a growing aging population, and increased awareness about mobility assistance, the power wheelchair industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. This market is globally...

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IFIVEO possesses an exceptional capacity to capture diverse video data across all aspects of the manufacturing floor: human presence, materials in use, and machinery operation. Adapted to each client's specific requisites and manufacturing hurdles, we meticulously monitor the essential components. Through the utilization of AI-driven video streams, we not only measure workstation activities with precision but also generate comprehensive assembly datasets. These datasets subsequently fuel real-time analytics, furnishing invaluable insights into the dynamics of manual assembly lines.

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