Improve Consistency in

Manual Processes



In a landscape characterized by intricate assembly operations, our client, a US based mobility device manufacturer, faced a daunting challenge. With over 25 meticulous process steps for each part number, they grappled with erratic cycle times, despite their robust Manufacturing Execution System that provided precise assembly instructions at every station.



The complexity translated into substantial production delays, triggering significant monthly revenue losses. In their pursuit of efficiency, the manufacturer initially relied on time studies to dissect workstation assembly operations. Surprisingly, the time studies presented nominal disparities among operators, seemingly contradicting the considerable variations indicated by long-term data collected within their Manufacturing Execution System.


i-5O Solution Deployment

Harnessing the prowess of our Productivity Module, the manufacturer was able to gather comprehensive data about their manual processes. Revelations surfaced: the differentiating factor lay in the sequencing of process steps. A pivotal insight emerged—their most efficient operator had a number of undocumented best practices that held the potential to revolutionize their assembly landscape.


Transformation & Results

With newfound insights, the manufacturer revamped key workstation layouts, training processes, and standardized work instructions. The payoff was monumental: cyclical consistency became a hallmark of their operations, monthly production output surged, aligning seamlessly with market demand. Beyond operational gains, the financial impact was significant. A notable ROI emerged, preserving revenue, enhancing agility, and optimizing costs. i-5O's capabilities redefined their operations, proving more than a solution—a pathway to excellence forged through resilience, innovation, and data-driven insights

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